A litmus test for inclusivity at the Washington Posti

During their call, Balta and Baron discussed how the piece was edited, and Baron again mentioned the diversity of the Post newsroom. As he did so, the conversation went from being about critiques of a single story to something more fundamental, in Balta’s view. Having a diverse newsroom is a success, Balta argued, but the use of those perspectives and talents in shaping stories, not merely headcounts, offer the ultimate litmus test for inclusion. The editor of the article at hand, Baron said, was not Latino. By way of argument, Balta replied, “I would not propose I am the best person to say with authority what is right or wrong” in a story about African-Americans, Asian-Americans, or people who belong to the LGBTQ community.”

Full Columbia Journal Review article: https://www.cjr.org/analysis/washington-post-chicken-factory.php

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