Natalie Escobar Receives The Hortencia Zavala Scholarship 

It gives me GREAT pleasure and pride to announce that Natalie Escobar is the first ever recipient of the annual Hortencia Zavala Scholarship (HZS)!!

Natalie is a Junior at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

In her application Natalie writes: “Throughout my journalism career, I have realized my responsibility to pitch the kinds of stories that often go overlooked, directly tied to Latinx issues or otherwise. I have pushed my usually white editors to allow me to write about topics that they initially write off non-issues. I have rewritten pitches about mental health or school segregation over and over again, knowing that a little more research can make all the difference. I want to help curb the worst kind of journalism: the kind that presents the news as ahistorical, often at the expense of black and brown people. I have read too many articles that talk about Central American migrants without
talking about how U.S. foreign policy has influenced the region. I have read too many articles about gang violence in Chicago that don’t mention residential segregation. I want to be a journalist because I believe in fighting to include this context. It is my job to ask the question that would never cross a white reporter’s mind, to connect the dots that only I can.”

You can read her entire application essay here: Natalie’s story

Natalie is an accomplished journalist. She is the Print Managing Editor at NU’s quarterly print magazine. Her other experience includes education reporter, photo director, photographer/videographer at Medill.

Natalie is majoring in Journalism and Latin Studies and has a 3.9 GPA.

She is an active leader with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) Student chapter facilitating activities at Northwestern and has attended NAHJ national conventions.

She works three jobs in order to help her family with the costs of getting an education.

I can’t imagine a more worthy person to receive The Hortencia Zavala Scholarship. HZS is named in honor of my late, great abuelita.

HZS seeks to provide worthy students with the opportunity to reach their academic goals by assisting them with some of the costs associated with a higher education.

Special thanks to the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) staff, board and scholarship committee for affording my family and I the platform to assist students on their journey and honoring our querida abuelita.

Please join me in CONGRATULATING Natalie!!


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